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Dataframe Applications
  While most of our development are customized applications for specific clients and are subject to non-disclosure agreements, our highly skilled development do sometime develop products for the general public. A few of them are listed here for your information. If you are interested in these products, please contact us.

Dataframe Mail Probe Utility

DMPU is an internally developed tool in response to the growing critical nature of email communications in the business world. DMPU is a flexible end to end email monitoring system that is mail platform agnostic, but is especially adept at monitoring Microsoft Exchange Network.

It is able to determine whether mail traffic is being delivered end to end (from Internet to your Internet mail gateway, to your mail server and to your end user and back out to Internet. When DMPU shows green condition, you can be absolutely assured that the entire mail traffic path from DNS to servers to services to mail stores are fully functional. A flexible timer system allows you to set the abnormal condition and can alert you to email issues in as little as one minute.

Single License $795
Annual Maintenance & Support $125

Dataframe Router Probe Utility

DMRU is an internally developed tool in response to solving a very difficult problem that network monitoring giants like CA and Smart are unable to provide-how does one know if a network path has failed from primary to secondary path. This issue may sound simpler than it actually is. While network monitoring tools can easily use SNMP probes to determine the down state of an network interface on a router or switches, it is unable to truly determine the traffic path and provide monitoring and alert functions. Imagine an Ethernet WAN interface which never goes down (short of a switch port failure), any soft errors (routing, metrics, failovers) can cause traffic path to remain on the back up path which are often less robust solutions without CoS or BW guarantees.

DMRU provides the network admin a tool that can perform scripted commands and compare results to known metrics and alert when an abnormal condition occurs. E.g., one can use DMRU to script a trace route at any router and inform DMRU the expected traffic path (hops). DMRU will then proactively execute this script at predetermined intervals (settable) and alert you via email or SMS texting when the route has taken a different path. Network admins can script any commands at any intervals and have the tool act as a dedicated 24x7 engineer looking for network problems.

Single License $1495
Annual Maintenance & Support $225

Dataframe Overlord Help Desk System

An business enterprise cannot properly handle its IT issues without a good Help Desk System. We serve may large clientele that have deployed their own Magic, Remedy or CA Helpdesk systems only to find that the costs and complexities are beyond what they expected. In addition, clients find themselves looking for specific functions that do not exist in these packaged system. Dataframe has taken a close look at major helpdesk systems on the market and gathered their strength and avoided their complexities and weaknesses and developed “Overlord” helpdesk system. The system is highly praised by experienced enterprise clients for its customization and ease of use. In addition, Dataframe is able to further customize the system to meet the particular needs of our enterprise client.

Overlord Modules

  • Ticketing System
  • Dispatch Scheduling and Reminder System
  • Password management module
  • IP management module
  • Hardware and Software Assets management module
  • Sophisticated user rights assignment
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Monthly SaaS Subscription $1995 (All modules included)
Single License Contact Us
Annual Maintenance & Support Contact Us

Dataframe Smart Home System (Available 2Q 2011)

It seems that Smarts Home are the wave of the future, always. Dataframe aims to bring that future into reality. Dataframe software developers are a group of energetic, tech savvy professionals who are dissatisfied with the current crop of so called Smart Home Systems on the market. Since they can’t find anything good enough for them, they decided to build one themselves. Presenting the Dataframe Smart Home System, a complete solution for home automation slated to be released in the second quarter of 2011. The team follows a “anywhere, anytime” paradigm in developing this system. The idea is simple. Integrating the control for key elements of home infrastructure such as lightning, appliances, environmental control and security into a seamless and easy to control system that you can control, anywhere, anytime.

Smart Home Features

  • PC Desktop Software Controller
  • iPhone / IPAD Controller
  • Control Smart Home from anywhere in the world using web/iPhone/iPad
  • Lightning, On-Off, Environmental control and monitoring
  • Security System, camera Integration
  • Anywhere, anytime.

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