Many of our valued clients realized that their core competency is in their respective areas of business and not in the IT field. Although it makes initial sense to host an mission critical application in house, they often realized that there are significant hidden costs associated with that decision. In order to provide a reliable software service, one must provide a sound infrastructure with proper power and cooling needs. Maintaining the staffing resources needed to administer these systems only adds to the complexity of the situation.

It often makes financial and business sense to have a professional organization such as Dataframe host your mission critical applications and servers. We provide experts in area of need to handle administration and maintenance functions. Our Network Operations Center provides 24x7 service monitoring to ensure that your application is accessible at all times. Finally our costs are often significantly lower even when compared with a single employee’s payroll. Less costs and higher availability just makes better business sense.

We invite you to visit our web pages on datacenter and fully managed service offerings to get a feel of our strong infrastructure and people. We look forward to serving your application needs.