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Application Baseline

An expert consultant will assist the client in establishing an application baseline for metrics relating to server CPU, memory, disk usage, network utilization and others. An application baseline is the fundamental picture that allows future troubleshooting or enhancements to be quantified.

Application Profiling

An expert consultant will conduct an application profiling exercise against a client specific app. Specific application transactions are identified and a test script is created. The test script is executed against the app servers at varying server loads. The resultant CPU, memory, disk and network usages are logged.

The application profile allows an existing application to be simulated over varying WAN scenarios so that a proper amount of bandwidth can be purchased or shaped for a given application.

Application Performance Measurements

Application performance over the LAN is usually predictable and any issues are typically related to the application or server’s performance. However, the same transaction that took 3 seconds to complete on the LAN can take 30 seconds or more to complete over the WAN. Dataframe’s App Performance service identifies the key performance elements that limit an application’s performance over the WAN. Dataframe uses the latest tools from Compuware and Opnet and generates details analysis and reports that can pinpoint performance issues.

Database Management

Dataframe has a Microsoft SQL DBA team available to serve our clients. Our DBAs takes on duties such as creating proper maintenance plans, optimize indices and tables and optimize general server performance.