Campus / Metro Area

Dataframe has extensive experiences in fiber optic design, implementation and support functions. As of this writing, the total fiber coverage for all clients combined exceeds 10,000 drops covering thousands of acres of ground space. Utilizing latest passive optic technologies from manufacturers such as 3M, Tyco, Alloptics, Calix and others, we are able to implement low maintenance, high speed campus / metro networks that requires no power feeds between two fiber end points.

Wide Area / International Networks

Dataframe has 15 years (as of 2009) of wide area network expertise at your disposal. Our WAN project scopes range from connecting 2 sites miles apart to over 100 sites in the domestic US to over 400 sites globally. We work with the best of breed carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT, China Telecom, African Telecom and others. We have helped our international clients design and establish efficient, layer 3 enterprise networks that are traffic shaped and WAN optimized for their mission critical services.

Internet Connectivity

High speed Internet connectivity is a must for today’s enterprises. Dataframe can assist in building highly redundant, multi-homed Internet connections at any speeds from 2xT1s to Gigabit speeds. This ensures that no single point of failure will disrupt the critical Internet connectivity.

High Availability / High Bandwidth

For specialized applications that require high availability and high bandwidth, Dataframe has a full range of solutions for our clients. From clustered servers, redundant network infrastructure to 10Gb Ethernet connectivity, we have the expertise to meet high availability or high bandwidth requirements.


Server virtualization has significant cost benefits in reducing power consumption, cooling requirements and consolidations of servers. In order to reap the benefits of virtualization, a careful planning phase is needed to address IO loads, high availability, backup solution, VM Image migration and other factors. Our experienced consultants can help to draft a customized road map to successful virtualization.

WAN Optimization

Most enterprises realizes after the corporate WAN has been implemented that bandwidth isn’t always the solution. Many factors such as a geographical distance between two sites or the nature of the application can wreck havoc with WAN performance. Dataframe specializes in WAN optimization through traffic shaping, policing, TCP optimization, compression, caching and other performance enhancement elements in order to accelerate the application performance over a wide area network.