Security Policy

Dataframe security experts can assist our clients in drafting or review of corporate security policies. A sound security policy is the first step in reducing liability risks and securing the enterprise. Our experts will perform an in-depth interview with key corporate officers in understanding the client’s specific requirements for vendors, clients and internal access to critical and confidential data. A details written report as well as a customized security policy are the deliverables for this services.

Security Penetration Tests

Security measures are only as good as the last time they were tested. The weakest point in security if often found only after a breach has occurred. Dataframe security experts provide an impartial and quantifiable risk analysis by conducting security penetration tests on demand or periodically. The tests are performed from the internal network, extranet and the Internet for complete visibility of the security environment. An in-depth security report indentifying the security weaknesses is presented at the conclusion of the tests. Our security experts can continue to work with the client to remove or fortify against the identified threats.

Security Implementation

Dataframe recommends the security implementation phase only when a proper security policy that has received the approval of top management as well as a thorough security penetration test has been completed. During the implementation phase, Dataframe security experts will design a customized solution for the client using the latest technologies in stateful firewalls, encryption, intruder detection / prevention and automatic log analysis tools to establish a sound and secure computing environment.

Managed Security Services

Although security if often cited as one of the most critical concerns for corporate entities, seldom do they have the dedicated resources to establish a security team that can monitor the resultant security events from the myriad of security appliances, let alone respond to them in a meaningful manner. All too often, the high tech security appliances become black boxes to the owners who have no idea if they in fact had a security breach. To address this very serious concern, Dataframe offers managed security services post a security implementation phase. The implementation phase concluded with the network security in a known state and the proper deployment of security appliances. Dataframe’s 24x7 security response center then takes over to monitor all critical security elements and their logs. Our automated log analysis tools and security alerting system brings up the events that require our security staff to review and react to. A service ticket is created and accessible to the customer via our security portal so that the client can easily see what events had taken place and what actions were taken to address them.