International DCs
  For our very large enterprise customers, having mission critical datacenter within the US may not be sufficient. Often times, an international company needs the computing resources to be closer to their users for obvious latency reduction and application performance reasons. For others, it is a matter of comprehensive Disaster Recovery requirement for the enterprise.

For enterprises needing international assistance in building international datacenters to serve its user base, Dataframe has the expertise in building highly connected multiple worldwide datacenters for our clients. Our recommendation for a worldwide organization is to host their DCs at three geographically disperse, and yet highly connected regions. Three ideal locations (accounting for diverse transmarine cables for earth quake fault tolerance and latency issues) are Frankfurt in Germany, Singapore and the United States. These three locations offer outstanding latency reduction serving Europe and Africa (Germany), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and the Americas (US).

Dataframe can facilitate all aspects for international datacenter consultation and deployment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to starting the discussion.