Full DR Plan

For some medium and large sized businesses, business continuity is critical and only a full blown DR plan will suffice. Dataframe has assisted multi-billion dollar corporations achieve their goals of business continuity through fully deployed DR solutions. As with any disciplined DR approach, a complete consultation and IT infrastructure survey is conducted to identify the key risk factors and business requirements. From there significant planning in terms of hardware, software, licenses, replication methods, security and other aspects of the project are fully discussed and designed before deployment takes place.

For a complete DR solution, geographical diversity is key for global businesses. Dataframe has resources to help our clients in selected key datacenters worldwide for DR needs. Our experienced consultants also points out that an important side benefit of a international DR site is that business users geographically closer to the DR site can access the DR site as the primary resource and thus benefiting from reduce network latencies and therefore superior application response time.

From our extensive DR project planning expertise, we have identified three optimal geographical locations for worldwide DR solution. North American, Europe and Asia are key locations that both provides geographic diversity as well as the ability to serve local regional user base. Specifically, Dataframe has assisted major clients in establishing disaster recovery sites at Frankfurt Germany, Singapore and on Both Coasts of the United States. These locations have optimal connectivity options (fast and low cost) that facilitates high speed data requirements for DR solutions.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your DR requirements.