Security Services

Network and data security are no longer optional in today’s business environments. Increasing losses have been attributed to internal security breaches, although external breaches continues to grab headlines. Worldwide governmental agencies have set new mandates that places additional burdens on businesses to ensure their IT security due diligence is met. Most recently in the US, we have seen the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and its HITECH provisions dramatically up the ante on security due diligence. Specific states such as California have long enacted consumer protection measure meant to uncover security breaches sooner. Such laws requires all companies with customers residing in California (and not just California businesses) to promptly report any security breaches that resulted in a data being compromised. Of more concerns are such laws also include mandates to detect and report “unauthorized access” as opposed to “illegal access.” The requirements to disclose “unauthorized access” (say from an employee not authorized to look into specific files) has been somewhat difficult for many business to even detect, let alone report. Most small and medium sized businesses, lacking dedicated resources to meet these legal regulations have simply chosen to ignore them, placing their businesses in potential grave risk of noncompliance.

It is a given that Dataframe is well experienced in the areas of network security, both in detection and in countermeasures since that is one of our core competencies. Increasing, we are working with our clients and their software solution providers to further enhance company wide data security and to meet governmental compliance requirements. We would appreciate an opportunity to have a discussion with you on this matter.