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Security Analysis

Security analysis is a necessary and critical step in ascertaining the status of the current security framework. It follows reasons that if one isn’t fully aware of the current situation, then any plans drafted would be based on pure speculation. Dataframe’s approach to security framework implementation takes a no-nonsense approach where each proposal steps is justified with clear evidence for support.

We deploy the latest technologies in network, application and server scans in order to produce a concrete view of the current security framework. Weaknesses are identified and each given a threat level. Our clients are then educated on the various threats and can then make the proper decision to counteract those potential threats. Our security analysis and penetration tests are first performance from outside perimeters to form an external view. The exercise is repeated from the internal network to ascertain internal security issues. This is especially important as most security breaches occurs from within the organization.

Post security analysis and discussions with key management personnel, a customized deployment plan is proposed for deployment. Let Dataframe help you form a clear view of your current security situation with a detailed security analysis exercise.