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Security Deployment

After the security policies have been formed and a security framework analysis has been completed, both the goal of security deployment and the state of the nation prior to deployment are clearly mapped out. A deployment plan is drafted for approval by client’s management team and planned for execution once the full approvals are received.

Although the deployments of technologies is an important aspect of the overall security project, we look beyond the IPS/IDS, network and application firewalls and such to focus on the human factor. We develop auditing procedures to ensure that the credentials used to log into a terminal belongs, in fact, to the same person who is using the terminal. We redesign your terminal layouts physically so that the screen isn’t facing the public and we ask you to put locks on doors where outsiders shouldn’t be. It is after these seemingly simplistic changes that we start to focus on firewall rules, USB / DVD burner lock downs, firewall log analysis and response and other aspects of the technologies that will help you achieve your security goals.

We look forward to an opportunity to discuss these items with you.