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Managed Security

Businesses seldom admit it, but often times, the sophisticated technologies such as application and network firewalls, intruder detection and prevention, security countermeasures are really black boxes to them. Business don’t know how they work and no one is looking after them. As difficult as it is, that is a true statement more often than not. We understand that our clients are not in the business of watching firewall and security appliances. However, neglecting the alerts (or worse yet, don’t know where to look for alerts) is a sure sign of a failed security framework implementation. To address that issue, Dataframe would like to suggest the use of its Managed Security Services.

Dataframe operates a highly trained network operations center (NOC) that is staffed with experience network and security professionals at all times (and we do mean ALL times) ready to respond to security events as reports by your security appliances or response systems. Our sophisticated technologies allows us to provide this service on a worldwide scale. We are ready to serve your security management needs here at Dataframe.