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Security Policies

In the early days of network and data security, the focus was on technologies such as the typical firewalls, DMZs, IPS, IDS and such. It was quickly realized that technologies themselves do not make a sound security infrastructure. Often times, the highly sensitive data simply “walked out the door”, be it on a backup tape, a 128G flash drive or simply got emailed. Companies and security professional alike soon realized that the security ground work starts with a sound security policy, not just on paper, but implemented.

Dataframe has assisted our clients over the years in developing reasonable , uncomplicated and enforceable security policies. Such policies forms the basis for implementation, auditing and reporting aspect of security deployment. Our assist our clients with development comprehensive policies that incorporate many elements of security framework. Some of which are listed below for your information.

  • Goals defined.
  • Limitations defined.
  • Risk analysis performed.
  • Acceptable risks defined due to fixed resources.
  • Scope defined.
  • Implemented plan defined.
  • Auditing procedures defined.
  • Reporting functions defined.
  • Recurring management review cycles defined.

We hope to have an opportunity to enhance your network and data security framework. Thank you.