About Pure Land Foundation

The Pure Land Foundation was founded in July 2018 to further the practices and advancement of Pure Land Buddhism. We are a nonprofit organizaion operated by volunteers and expected fundings to come from the general public. Pure Land Buddhism is one of the most widely practiced branch within the Mahayana Buddhism. It is based upon the teachings of the Buddha that are focused on the Buddha Amitabha known as the Three Pure Land Sutras. They are the "Infinite Life Sutra", the "Contemplation Sutra" and the "Amitabha Sutra."

Pure Land Foundation provides a place of worship for Buddhists who wishes to further their practices of Pure Land Buddhism through recitation of sutras, meditation and chanting the name of the great Amitabha. We are located at 2279 Eagle Glen PKWY #112-211 Corona CA 92883. We hold regular services on weekends. Those who are interested may call us at (909) 539-4166 or email info@pureland.foundation for more information.